The Lost Letters Gezocht Cameraman, Editor
Start: 10/10/2020
Type: Onbetaald
The lost letters Genre: Suspense Thriller Type: Short Film Duration: 15 minutes Spoken Language: English Logline: A lonesome college freshman befriends his neighbor, whose intentions he starts to question when it’s far too late. For our graduation project, six Breda University students will be producing a movie. Since we are students we want to create a good end of the year product.We are all passionate about movies and the hardship that comes behind it, the pre-production, production, and post-production. We chose to make a movie to could suit our future portfolio, but to make a good project. That is why we need you help, we are still looking for an editor and a camera person to help us out. If you are open to creating something beautiful with us please contact us. Thank you in advance. As we are student we are unfortunately not able to pay to industry standards, but what we can do is pay your travel costs, lunches, dinners and provide a nice experience.
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